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The Home Gardener Vegetable Trial. Growers choose between five different vegetables to grow in their gardens. You get 2 varieties of the vegetable to grow and would be asked to give feedback on how they did. This will allow us to make recommendations to growers in Southeast Ohio.

The trials are now ready for signup. There are 6 trials available. You may select up to 5 trials. Each trial will cost $2. Anyone may sign up by April 12. So, recruit your friends and neighbors. We will need a minimum of 5 people to sign up for a trial in order to move forward with that trial. You will have the option to pick up your trial packets at your county extension office or have them mailed to you for an additional $3. Once I see that we have enough participants for a trial, we will arrange BILLING AND DELIVERY.

For those wanting to be a part of the tomato or pepper trials, you will need to be ready to start those seeds indoors as soon as they arrive. This will allow you to transplant them by the end of May. Otherwise, the summer heat may get to them before they are ready.

Your packets will include seeds, row markers, growing and planting instructions for rows, raised beds or containers.

Attached you will find an example of the reporting sheet that you will be asked to fill out as part of this project. There is an agreement as part of the signup process. This states that you understand the risks and responsibilities of the trials. 

Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for your patience as we launch this new project. You are getting in on the ground floor before we take it statewide. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.Sign Up Button

Reporting FormSample Reporting Form